Next Steps

Connect Dinner

Join the party! Connect yourself to something life-changing here at The Springs. Connect is designed to help you find your best next step. We want to invest in you so you can invest in others.


At The Springs, we believe that baptism is the best next step in a person’s faith. The bible shows us that baptism is a symbol of new life in Jesus — a symbol that publicly declares you are a Christ-follower.


Serving is one of the greatest ways to get involved at The Springs. From parking cars to shaping the next generation, we’ll help you find the best team so you can get started right away.


As a community, we want to grow larger and smaller at the same time. No matter your age, interest or situation, we have a place where you can belong.

Care & Support Groups

Sometimes life consists of challenges. Having other Christ-followers around for encouragement and guidance is critical. Find a Care Group that’s just right for you!