Springsville, from newborn-grade 5, is a safe and fun place to present Christ to your little ones in an age-appropriate environment where they can laugh, learn and experience life-change.

From puppets to music, games and art, trained and screened volunteers explain the Bible in a way that children can understand. Then we send them home with materials from our lesson so that you can explore the lesson as a family during the week.


Current Series:


Center Stage Jr.
Hop on board the tour bus for Center Stage Jr.! Children ages 3-6 will join lead singer Pearl, her band, and their bus driver Enzo as they discover what it means to worship God. As the band prepares for each concert, Enzo teaches them about worship from eight different Biblical examples. Your children will participate in learning from these examples, as well as see how they can worship God every day in their own lives.


Center Stage Kids:
Do you want to learn to live a life of worship? Children ages 6-12 will follow along on tour with world famous worship band, Cloud 9, as they teach an up and coming artist what worship is all about. Get an all-exclusive look at behind the scenes footage of the band as they crisscross the world to make God’s Name famous. In this new Elevate series Cloud 9 will show us how to make worship a part of our everyday lives.

Our Curriculum:

Teaching Videos