Springsville, from newborn-grade 5, is a safe and fun place to present Christ to your little ones in an age-appropriate environment where they can laugh, learn and experience life-change.

From puppets to music, games and art, trained and screened volunteers explain the Bible in a way that children can understand. Then we send them home with materials from our lesson so that you can explore the lesson as a family during the week.


Current Series:


Dojo Jr. 3yr olds- 5 yr olds
Come to the mats and learn about the way God wants us to live. Children ages 3-6 join Kora and Kimmie as Sensei Bob teaches them about God’s plan for their lives. As the girls punch and kick their way through the martial arts tournament, they will learn about patience, kindness, self-control, and prayer!


Dojo Kids K- 5th grade:
join Felicia Gutters in the dojo as she must practice the right moves. She also learns the principles of discipline, self-respect, confidence, respect, endurance, integrity, loyalty, and leadership!